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09th Mar 2023

Love Island’s Martin reveals the real reason behind Shaq’s tears after movie night

Ellen Fitzpatrick

“I was surprised.”

While his stay in the Love Island villa was only short, Martin Akinola certainly made his mark on the show.

Now speaking out about various incidents he witnessed during his stay, Martin has discussed the real reason why Shaq left the villa in tears following movie night.

Martin found himself in a love triangle after joining the show in Casa Amor and hitting it off with Tanya, despite her being in a strong couple with Shaq.

After Shaq and Tanya reunited, she ultimately decided to go back to him leaving Martin single.

Following movie night showing Tanya and Martin sharing a kiss, the Dubliner has now claimed that this wasn’t the real reason Shaq stormed out of the villa.

Martin said the real reason was over a secret chat which wasn’t aired on the show that caused Shaq to burst into tears.

Martin claimed he told Shaq that Tanya never objected when he said during Casa Amor that “Shaq might be in love with you but I don’t think you are as well.”

Martin also said he had told Shaq that Tanya was flirting in the first five minutes of their chat and this is what caused Shaq to get upset, and insisted he is only still with Tanya to stay on the show.

Speaking on the Reality With Will Njobvu podcast, Martin told the presenter: “He was crying that night and everyone thought he was crying because of Movie Night but he was crying cos of what I told him. He was fuming.

“I was surprised he took her back but I understand it cos if he didn’t take her back, he would have gone home. It’s a game show and you have to play the game.

“Even after when Casa happened, he was like, “It’s done,” but then he said, “Okay I’ll speak to her.”

“He wants to try and make it to the final, I wouldn’t have done it, I was like f**k you. I one hundred believe that’s what happened, everyone’s playing the game. Tanya told him loads of lies and BS. I was backed by Maxwell as well.”

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