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23rd Sep 2018

Love Island’s Ellie Brown is no longer living with boyfriend, Charlie Brake

Is another couple on the rocks?

Denise Curtin

Is another Love Island couple splitting up?

No, we don’t think so.

But Love Island‘s Ellie is celebrating a new milestone, by moving into her own apartment and out of her boyfriend’s home.

After leaving Newcastle post-Love Island, Ellie moved to London, staying with boyfriend, Charlie Brake, in his lush Chelsea pad but now, the 23-year-old has moved out on her own.


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Happy that she lived with Charlie post-villa, the star said at least she now knows the pair can live together happily. Speaking to the Mail Online in July, Ellie said:

“I’m living with Charlie at the minute. There’s clothes, makeup and shoes [everywhere].[Chelsea] is so different to Newcastle. It’s so, so different.”

“We know that we can live together because from the day I met you, you were a stranger and I had breakfast, dinner, tea and went to bed with you. So we knew we could live together. But now it’s just even nicer.”


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However, now the star has gained new independence, moving into her own flat in London. And although Ellie and Charlie are now living separately, rest assure, as they’re still together, having just returned from holidays in Gstaad.

And as one Love Island couple appears stronger than ever, it looks like two contestants from the last series are getting cosy… yep, you can read all about that here.