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26th Jun 2023

Love Island fans are convinced the Twitter challenge is returning for one specific reason

Love Island fans are convinced that the Twitter challenge is making its long-awaited return to the show.

The last time fans saw the challenge on their TV screens was back in 2020 during the winter season of the show, and it typically sees islanders reading out tweets about the show.

But in the challenge of course there is always a twist, and in this one it sees the names blocked out and each contestant has to guess who it’s about.

The challenge is a fan favourite as it always causes a massive stir in the villa, and has led to huge blow ups on the show in other series’.

Rumours that the challenge is set to return started after one Twitter user noticed that the show’s official account had added a disclaimer to its bio which read: “#LoveIsland, & @LoveIsland tweets and replies may be used on social, incl your name and/or Twitter handle”

The fan then wrote: “So it looks like the ICONIC Love Island Twitter Challenge could FINALLY be making it’s return as Love Island have updated their Twitter Bio. This is EXACTLY what this season needed, this challenge is going to cause CHAOS.”

Now with a lot of fans convinced the challenge is definitely making its comeback, they joined the conversation to share how excited they were at the prospect.

One person wrote: “I hope they do bring the Twitter Challenge back this Season—but I’m also sure that they’ve had this in their bio for a while now? I definitely saw it at the beginning of the Season.”

Another said: “cant wait for love island to do the tweet challenge where everyone gets gagged about what twitter says about them.”

A third wrote: “I said it before and I’ll say it again this season cast is so messy it’s time they bring back the twitter challenge.”