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28th Jun 2023

Love Island fans praise producers for less cliffhangers this season

Love Island fans have praised producers of the show after they noticed a major change in this year’s format.

Typically on the show, fans have to sit and endure huge twists, shocking moments and unexpected cliffhangers.

But it appears so far this season that fans are finally getting what they’ve been begging for; less cliffhangers.

While there have been a lot of big twists and unexpected turns on this season, cliffhangers have not been an issue for viewers.

On Tuesday’s episode, fans saw two islanders being dumped from the villa and in recent years, most dumping are left until the last minute of the show, and the results wouldn’t be shown until the next episode.

Last night, however, saw a massive shake up as Medhi and Mal were both sent packing once the results came in.

While some viewers were upset with the results of the dumping, there was one thing everyone could agree on; they did not want to wait to find out.

One person wrote on Twitter: “The old producer would leave everything on a cliffhanger to make people view the next day This new producer knows that producing a good show will have people wanting to come back naturally.”

Another said: “I’m glad they got rid of the cliffhanger of the season. They were so annoying.”

A third wrote: “ok but the producers are eating this season up. haven’t left us on a cliffhanger or nothing.”

While a fourth added: “the love island producers didn’t fail me, I thought they were about to put it on a cliffhanger.”