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11th May 2023

Lottie Ryan reveals she developed PTSD during her first pregnancy

Kat O'Connor

“I constantly thought I was losing him”

Lottie Ryan has revealed she developed “some kind of PTSD” during her first pregnancy.

Speaking on the debut episode of her new podcast with Jennifer Zaparelli, Lottie revealed she was in and out of hospital throughout her pregnancy.

She revealed she was constantly worried about losing her son Wolf because of a rare condition that doctors discovered during the pregnancy. The presenter was understandably worried after being diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus.

The condition causes heavy bleeding during pregnancy. It also can cause complications during pregnancy which was incredibly frightening for first-time mum Lottie.

She shared, “I constantly thought I was losing him, constantly. And I was constantly in A&E.”

Lottie Ryan

She continued, “It was really, really tough to the point that I’m pretty sure I have some kind of PTSD from it.”

Lottie explained that she would experience heavy bleeding throughout her pregnancy, even in her second trimester because of the condition.

“I’d heavily bleed constantly through the second trimester, which is very late in the pregnancy to be bleeding constantly.”

According to Cleveland Clinic, the rare, congenital condition means a woman’s uterus is shaped irregularly.

It is usually heart-shaped and appears to have two sides instead of one hollow cavity.

Lottie welcomed her son Wolf in June 2021

Despite the condition, Lottie went on to welcome a healthy baby boy called Wolf in June 2021. The mum gave birth to her baby boy 8 weeks early, but he is thriving now.

Speaking about her baby boy Wolf’s birth, she told RSVP, “It was probably the scariest thing I have ever been through.

“I don’t mean to scaremonger about labour because every mother’s experience is quite individual.”

Despite his scary arrival into the world, little Wolf is “thriving”, his mum gushed.

“He’s absolutely flying it,” Lottie proudly shared.


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