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18th Apr 2016

Lily Allen has revealed that she was stalked for seven years

This is frightening

Lily Allen has spoken out in an interview about a seven-year ordeal with a stalker that left her extremely traumatised.

The singer told The Observer that the police who investigated her case made her feel like ‘a nuisance rather than a victim’.

Scotsman Alex Gray was convicted of burglary and harassment at Harrow Crown Court earlier this month, and Allen also told the paper that detectives destroyed evidence relevant to her case and refused to let her see or keep a photo of her stalker.

The man had set up a Twitter account in 2009 with the username @lilyallenRIP and had claimed to have written her hit song The Fear, and he then sent abusive letters, suicide threats and accusations addressed to her as well as her management and family members.

He eventually graduated to banging on her back door and sleeping overnight in her back garden, culminating in him breaking into her home and “steaming” into her bedroom.

Gray also confessed he wanted to “put a knife through her face”.

Her two children were sleeping at the time of the incident.

She said she is not angry at Gray as in her view, he has been failed by mental health services in the UK.

“I want some answers from the police. I’m a famous person and had the inclination to push things. If they treat me like this, how the hell are they going to treat someone else without those resources, without clout?”

(Lead Image via Instagram/lilyallen)