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13th Sep 2023

Singer Liam Payne rushed to hospital after falling ill on holiday

Liam Payne is set to remain in hospital for days.

Singer Liam Payne has been rushed after falling ill on holiday in Italy.

The singer was admitted to hospital this week, according to The Sun.

The singer was on holiday in Lake Como with his girlfriend Kate Cassidy when he was rushed to hospital.

According to The Sun, doctors are treating Payne for kidney problems.

An insider said the singer is on a bad way.

“Liam is in a bad way but he’s in the best place he can be and finally, doctors will be able to get to the bottom of what is going on.”

“Naturally he is gutted that his and Kate’s trip to Lake Como has been ruined but at least she was there to help him when he fell ill.”

The singer’s medical team believes he will be in hospital for around another week.

“Doctors have warned him not to expect to be signed off to go home for at least another six days,” they said.

Payne’s team is carrying out multiple medical tests to get to the bottom of his health issues.

“They want to do every test possible to understand the issue fully but they now suspect that there has been an underlying issue for a while that has been getting worse.”

Payne’s ongoing health issues forced him to postpone multiple tour dates. He was previously treated for a kidney infection and had to postpone numerous gigs because of doctor’s orders.