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04th Oct 2023

John Legend meets his doppelganger on The Voice

Anna Martin

What’s better than one John Legend?Two!

And that’s exactly what people saw on The Voice when a contestant who looked just like the All Of Me singer walked onto the stage to take a chance at fame.

Talakai from Sacramento, California, caught John’s attention with his voice at first when he sang his version of Sam Smith’s hit Stay With Me – resulting in the judge pressing that red button.

Though Niall Horan didn’t turn around for the singer, he warned his fellow judge by saying: “Wait until you see his face.”

Well, safe to say that John was gobsmacked by the resemblance as he turned around and said: “So, I’m on the internet and people send me pictures of people they think look like me.

“Most of the time I’m like ‘not really’, but then I turned around and looked at you and we have the same haircut,” he said as the audience descended into fits of laughter.

Talakai admitted it wasn’t the first time he had been told he looked like the singer telling him: “Every day at work, I get it. In school, they used to sing Ordinary People down the hallway all the time.”

“I’m sorry I’ve been haunting you,” John quipped back, “but now you’re on The Voice and I would love to have you on Team Legend.”

Of course, Talakai opted to join the 44-year-old’s team who then jumped up from his seat to celebrate his latest addition and even took a selfie with his newfound twin.