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04th Jun 2023

Jessie J has shared who the father of her baby is

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Jessie J has just revealed who the father of her baby is after welcoming her son last month.

The singer gave birth to a baby boy last month and throughout her entire pregnancy, she had been keeping the father’s identity under wraps.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Jessie shared a snap of. her boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman and captioned the post: “Mum and Dad.”

She then posted a heartwarming tribute to the basketball player, writing: “‘I struggle to keep things private. I think if you know me you know that. I want to protect people I love and keep it for just myself…and then so often I think f*** it because life is short but i don’t want to regret it.

“I met this man, weeks after my miscarriage in 2021. Like a beam of light. He lit up my dark days. It was a whirl wind love and a miracle that we fell pregnant naturally with not one issue during.

“Grateful doesn’t cut it. He has given me many of the best gifts of my life. He didn’t let go of my hand this day and I wouldn’t have been able to go through it without him.

“The calm to my crazy. The Daddy to my baby. Thank you.”

Writing on her Instagram stories, the ‘Domino’ singer said all her dreams have come true as she announced she had welcomed her son last month.

“A week ago my whole life changed. My son entered this world and my heart grew twice the size. The feeling is indescribable. I am flying in love,” she added.

Jessie continued, “He is magic. He is all my dreams come true. He is my whole world.”

The new mum confirmed both she and her son are doing well following his birth.

“He and I are both doing great. I am soaking up every second and still can’t believe he is real, mine, and here *happy tears* For all of you that have followed my journey to this moment, thank you for all your continued love and support,” she said.

“I will be back on Instagram when I’m ready,” the singer confirmed.

Jessie suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage in November 2021. She announced her pregnancy this January, but told her fans that she felt both “happy and terrified” to share the news.


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