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21st Apr 2023

Janice Dickinson hints she had a nasty fall on I’m A Celeb All Stars

“There were ups, there were downs.”

Janice Dickinson has hinted that she suffered an awful fall which led to her early departure from I’m A Celebrity All Stars.

The supermodel had to cut filming for the series short last year while in South Africa after the accident.

New reports claim she fell over a cable in the dark while in camp and landed on the ground as she got up to use the toilet.

Ahead of the show airing, Janice has opened up about the experience, saying there were “ups and downs and lots of tears.”

She explained: “Everything went on our show, believe me. There were ups, there were downs. There was lots of laughter and lots of tears. It was a great soap opera.

“I mean I was always on guard in case a lion was going to come bounding in. You never know because it’s lion’s country out there.”

Campmate Fatima Whitbread added: “I’m a light sleeper anyway, so I was constantly more concerned about you falling down those steps.

“I was always constantly thinking about what was going on at nighttime, if you were any movement in camp, just wanted to be sure that you were safe and sound.

“And lo and behold…” Janice teased, before she was cut off by ITV.

A source told The Sun that the incident left her bleeding from her head, as well as a concussion, a black eye, bruised cheeks, a split lip and hand fractures.

The source added: “It was terrifying. Everyone was woken by a sickening thud.

“A few of the campmates ran towards the noise and found Janice face down. She seemed to be semi-conscious on the ground.

“Blood was gushing from her head and she was covered in dirt and dust.”

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