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23rd Jun 2023

Ioan Gruffudd says his wife falsely accused him of child abuse

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Ioan Gruffudd has made shocking claims about his ex-wife Alice Evans in new court documents after his 13-year-old daughter applied for a restraining order against him.

Documents were filed at the LA Superior Court after the couple’s daughter Ella filed for a restraining order against the actor and his now girlfriend Bianca Wallace.

She also applied for civil harassment protection from Bianca after an alleged incident occurred at Ioan’s home.

Ella Evans claimed that 29-year-old Australian actress Bianca slammed a door which led to the teen allegedly hitting her head.

She claims that the incident left her with “bruises”, and says she has now filed a restraining order against her father and his new partner at a Los Angeles court.

According to reports, the restraining order was sought earlier this month and is for herself and her nine-year-old sister Elsie.

The application is due to be heard in court on Friday and now, the 49 year old actor has alleged that Alice screamed at him outside his home in front of Ella, calling him a “f***ing abuser”.

Ioan recalled Ella “rushing out” of the home claiming Alice “was being mean to her and did not love her anymore”, according to court papers.

He alleged: “Alice then ran out of the house to my car, screaming at the top of her lungs. I cannot overstate how loudly she was yelling, ‘F*** you! F***, f***, f*** you, you f***ing abuser!

“She called me an ‘abusive c***’, told me I would never get a job again, and screamed to the neighbourhood that I beat her up and was a ‘f***ing abuser.’

“She screamed at me, ‘You f***ing took my children away! F*** you!”

Ella has stated that she is “afraid that [she] will abuse and/or continue to allow abuse to happen to my sister too”.

The request also reportedly includes a declaration submitted as evidence to support her case.

She has since claimed her father and his girlfriend “called her ‘manipulative’, ‘abusive’ and ‘narcissistic’.”

Following the incident, Ella’s mum Alice noticed the bruise and made a call to the police.

The temporary restraining order is yet to be granted in court but a hearing date is set for June 23rd.