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02nd Aug 2023

Holly Willoughby reveals what has kept her marriage ‘happy and healthy’ for 16 years

We know that every relationship is different, but this is very sweet!

This Morning’s Holly Willoughby has published a sweet tribute to her husband ahead of their 16-year anniversary this month.

The 42-year-old presenter married her television producer hubby, Dan, back in August 2007.

They had a beautiful ceremony a the Amberley Castle in Sussex, and since then the pair have welcomed three children together.

In her lifestyle brand Wylde Moon’s weekly newsletter, Holly penned a lovely note about her wedding anniversary while also letting fans in on what keeps their marriage happy and healthy.

Holly wrote: “August happens to be the month I got married, so it’s always a nostalgic time for Dan and I.

“It will be 16 years this year, which feels crazy in so many ways. I often think about us and the glue that binds us together.

“Every relationship is so unique and different; what works for one couple may not for another.”

She went on to say: “It’s a bit like developing your own personal recipe that you adapt together and personalise along the way.

“I love nothing better than finding out what my friends/parents believe the secret to their relationship success is – and would love to hear your wisdom too!”

Revealing her and Dan’s secret, she continued: “Mine would have to be remembering to carve out real time for each other within the madness of everyday life.

“Everything from making time to talk over dinner at home to date nights. Whatever you do to keep the spark alive, keep it up!”

What’s your secret to a happy and healthy relationship? Whether your married or in a long-term partnership, let us know on Facebook and Instagram in the comments.