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13th Jun 2023

Faye Winter calls out Love Island trolls over “ageist” comments

Following Charlotte Summer’s entry into the Love Island villa on Monday, one former islander seems to have her back.

Charlotte is now the oldest Love Island contestant in the history of the show at 30 years old, working as a dental nurse and hailing from Bournemouth.

Following Tyrique’s comment saying “you look good though!” when Charlotte revealed her age, Faye Winter has taken to social media to address the ageism still seen on the show.

The 2021 season contestant said on her story: “So I didn’t watch LI last night, but the comments surrounding a woman’s age are disgusting! What so because you’re 30, you shouldn’t go on a fun dating show?

“You shouldn’t get excited about meeting new people and potentially finding love with a younger man? I’m confused!

“Women’s life doesn’t end in their 20s like WTF. Women tearing down women and men determining when our cut off date is.

“Wow, what it is to be a woman hey.”

Love Island 2020 series islander Shaughna Phillips also added to the conversation, saying: “Why are these boys acting like 30 is time to collect your pension?

“‘You’re 30?! You look good!’ Bombastic side eye.”

Last night’s episode saw the two new bombshells entering the villa as the islanders received a text announcing their arrival.

Sammy received a text as they were all relaxing in the garden, which read: “Boys, tonight two new girls will enter the Villa. They have chosen three boys they want to date.

“Each girl has chosen one boy to prepare a starter, one to prepare the main course and one to prepare dessert. #DishyDates #WhatsOnTheMenYou.”

Leah and Charlotte then entered the villa on Monday night and took Tyrique, Zachariah, and Mitchel out on dates.