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29th Aug 2023

Fans are convinced Will Young and Jessie Wynter have gotten engaged

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Another day, another Love Island couple are rumoured to be engaged and this time, it’s Will Young and Jessie Wynter.

The couple have been joined by the hip ever since appearing on the ITV dating series at the beginning of this year, spending time together in England and Jessie’s native Australia.

Now, Will appears to have teased engagement plans with his girlfriend and fans can’t get enough of it.

Earlier this month, fans spotted something sparkling on Jessie’s wedding ring finger that resembled what could be an engagement ring.

After going into a spiral, wondering if Will had finally popped the question, he has now indicated when that may actually become a reality.

Speaking with MailOnline, Will gave more detail about their romance and when the two plan on getting hitched.

The TikTok star said: “Last week I made a romantic gesture to Jessie. I won’t lie, we are creeping up to the ring. We are creeping up to it.”

Jessie added: “We were sitting at dinner the other night and he takes my ring off my finger and was holding it and asked, ‘Does this ring fit you well?’ I looked at him like, ‘What? Why do you care about that?’. He was acting so awkward.”

After speaking more about their future plans and how they want to spend the rest of their lives together, Will made it clear that this was set in stone.

He said: “Get this down, Will Young loves Jessie and wants to marry her. I say this to Jessie all the time, we are going to get married and have kids.”