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02nd Oct 2018

Eyal revealed that he wants to take THIS Love Islander on a date

Ooooooooh. We would ship this.

Denise Curtin

Eyal Booker is single and looking for lurv.

The 22-year-old who had a string of unlucky matches while on the last season of Love Island isn’t letting that stop him from potentially dating more of the stars of the show, post-production.


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In fact, he’s got his eyes on an Islander who wasn’t even in his series. Yep, Eyal confessed all to the Metro this morning, admitting that he’d potentially like to take Olivia Attwood on a date.

“Who would I choose to go out on a date with between the celebs? I would probably go on a date with Olivia – Yeah, but no, but…

“She has just got a good vibe.

“I don’t know, we don’t really spend too much time together because we’re all dating other people – I should just shut up” revealed Eyal.


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The pair are currently both set to appear on this season of Celebs Go Dating and although Eyal tried to be coy about the whole thing, Olivia has stronger, more defined views.

I have a bit more of a brotherly bond than that, but that’s a bit weird cause when we have a drink there is always harmless flirting”, Olivia explained.

Hmmm, could there be potential here? Perhaps. We could see us shipping this!