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16th Apr 2018

Everyone is totally confused about Jessie J winning the Chinese X Factor

Olivia Hayes

OK, so… we’re confused.

She’s one of the biggest stars of our generation, so how could she go on to take part in a singing contest in China, even those she has been a judge on similar contests in the UK and Australia?

Yep, Jessie has been on the Chinese version of The X Factor, SINGER, in Asia for the past three or fours months.

Absolutely nobody knew about it until she won the entire competition this past weekend.

On the show, she performed her own hits such as Domino and Flashlight… but we’re still REALLY CONFUSED about how she was a CONTESTANT on a talent show… and nobody seems to have the answer:

Either way, she killed it, and here’s her performing Whitney Houston for her final song. Enjoy: