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01st Aug 2023

Dumped islanders reveal ‘rudest’ Love Island contestants of 2023


We were not expecting this answer.

As season 10 comes to a close, we bid farewell to potentially one of the most chaotic and memorable cast line ups on the much-loved reality series.

Last night, Jess Harding and Sammy Root were crowned the Love Island winners of 2023, winning the £50k cash prize and, it seems, the hearts of the nation. 

While many took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their shock and dismay that fan favourites Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki placed second, we cannot deny that this season served drama, style, love, twists, and meme-worthy content. 

However, Kady McDermott and Ouzy See – who were dumped at the annual beach party by Whitney and Lochan – did not hold back when asked who they found to be the “rudest” islanders of the season.

We all know that living in an enclosed space with people can be tough, especially when there are feelings at stake and bombshells coming in at every turn – but, let’s just say, we did not expect this answer.

Speaking on Kiss Fresh, Kady declared that the crown for the rudest islander should go to the nation’s sweetheart, Scott van-der-Sluis, and was then backed up by Ouzy.

Scott became one of Love Island’s more adored contestants, with many wanting to see him go all the way to the final despite being in a friendship couple with Abi Moores.

However, it appears as though Kady has her reasons.

“He never said please or thank you. He moaned about the food a lot; he never made his bed,” she revealed to the radio host.

Supporting her answer, the two-time contestant divulged, “He’d never wash his own plate up.”

Chiming in, Ouzy added that Mitch Taylor was also rude, to which Kady agreed but also added, “I love Mitch, he’s one of my closest friends, but he was also rude.”

As if that wasn’t an adequate answer, the social media influencer supplemented her list by adding the iconic Whitney as rude, but lessened the blow by saying she “kind of rated it.”

“Even though we had our little bickers, we’d always, like, respect each other because we were quite similar. Things could come across rude, but she was always quite real with it,” she concluded. 

This reply may be down to history between the two girls, as Casa Amor bombshells Gabby Jeffery and Tink Reading revealed on the Pop Off Podcast that Whitney, Kady, Catherine Agbaje, and Ella Thomas all had an argument “so bad that they couldn’t air it” and security was involved.

It was said that the argument began with Kady and Whitney over Zachariah Noble, whom Kady was coupled up with at the time after Whitney took the South East London boy on a date. 

We don’t know about rude, but we can certainly all agree that Whitney is real!