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13th Nov 2016

Dream Kardashian already has more Instagram followers than you do

What is the world coming to?

You know the way new parents have to make that decision about whether to share images of their child on social media, and some parents chose not to overshare because the baby isn’t old enough to decide that yet? Yeah Rob and Blac didn’t hesitate.

It seems the least famous Kardashian sibling is using his new baby to get some attention, and frankly we’re not surprised.

Model (I had to google that, who knew that’s why she was famous?) Blac Chyna gave birth to their baby girl on Thursday and she and Rob have shared plenty of pictures and videos of their child since.

However, it seemed sharing images of baby Dream on their own pages wasn’t enough as they have since set up a public Instagram account for the baby who is just days old.

The account is already verified of course and she has over 360 thousand followers.


Only two images have been added to the account so far, the first of which, is a photo originally uploaded to her daddy’s account and the second is an image of Blac Chyna breast feeding her little one.

She also has her own Twitter account too, of course.

Look, each to their own and all that, but the child is days old. Do they plan on documenting her whole life on this Instagram page? Surely their reality show will document enough.