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09th Oct 2023

Drake offers to cover fan’s medical bills after spotting heartbreaking sign mid-concert

Anna Martin

Drake offered to pay a fan’s medical bills after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he spotted her sign in the crowd at his Toronto concert last Friday.

In a video shared by a concertgoer, the 36-year-old paused his set to address the fan’s message and offer support.

“This one’s important to me,” Drake said to the crowd of thousands, “Her sign says, ‘I just found out I have MS, will you help make my night.'”

The Canadian rapper has a close tie to the disease as a close friend and collaborator of his Noah James Shebi better known as 40, was diagnosed with it back in 2005 at the age of 25.

“You know, my brother 40 is one of the strongest people on earth, and he fights through a lot of things,” he said, “So what I’m going to do is, I’m going to connect you with 40 first of all, maybe you can have a conversation.

“And second of all, I’m going to pay whatever it takes to get you the best help in the world, I promise you that,” Drake added as the crowd cheered his kind gesture, “You got my word – and you can come back tomorrow night!”

The fan, clearly overwhelmed by the rapper’s offer could be seen on the screens of the arena becoming very emotional followed by shock when Drake asked her to come back for the next night’s show.

Multiple sclerosis or MS is a condition whereby the coating on the nerves becomes damaged affecting both the brain and the spinal cord. This can cause a range of symptoms such as blurred vision and issues with mobility.

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It comes after the dad of one revealed he would be taking a step back from the spotlight to focus on his own health as he opened up about suffering from stomach problems.

Speaking on Table For One on SiriusXM’s Sound 42  Drake said he will probably stop making music for about a year as he tries to look after himself.

“I got some other things I need to do for some other people that I made promises to, but I probably won’t make music for a little bit. I’m gonna be real with you. I need to focus on my health first and foremost and I’ll talk about that soon enough,” he said.

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He continued: “Nothing crazy but just I want people to be healthy in life, and I’ve been having the craziest problems for years with my stomach. So I need to focus on my health and get right, and I’m going to do that.”