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29th Jun 2023

Claudia Fogarty gets honest about her relationship with Casey O’Gorman

Kat O'Connor

Love Island star Claudia Fogarty has finally spoken out about her relationship with Casey O’Gorman.

Claudia Fogarty was coupled up with Casey but they eventually broke up when Casey’s head was turned by Rosie.

However, Claudia and Casey managed to sort things out once the show came to an end and are on great terms in real life.

The pair are often seen hanging out together and were recently spotted in Ibiza.

Fans of the Love Island stars have been eager to find out if they’re friends or more and Claudia has finally set the record straight.

Speaking on the Nip Tuck podcast, Claudia Fogarty explained that she knew she would like Casey before even joining the show.

She said she developed feelings for him during her time in the villa and was devastated when he dumped her.

She revealed that Casey regrets his decision “to this day”.

“I didn’t really kind of go for anybody else, so it was always him for me. And in Casa Amor, nobody was like the same, so I was like ‘oh we’ll stick together.’

“Then we did like really well together, and then yeah Rosie came in and just f**ked it all up.”

When asked about where she currently stands with Casey, Claudia said “this is the elephant in the room”.

The hosts then asked, “Let’s get this out of the way. Everybody wants to know have you slept with him?”

Claudia refused to answer them and just laughed it off, which convinced the hosts that she has slept with Casey.