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24th Sep 2014

#BreakingBrad: TV Star Makes Sick Fan’s Dream Come True With Skype Session

This is incredibly sweet.


Bryan Cranston has just made one of his biggest fan’s dreams come true – by arranging a Skype session so they could ‘meet’.

According to ABC news, Brad Joyner from North Carolina was diagnosed with brain cancer last year and wanted to meet the acclaimed actor as part of a “living list.”

After Joyner had completed two of the tasks – swimming with sharks and driving a classic Mustang – Cranston stepped in so he could tick number three. Meeting his idol.

His parents caught the moment Brad found out he’d meet his idol, and the reaction was pretty moving:

Joyner, who created the hashtag #BreakingBrad as a way of relating to his favourite show and Walter White’s own struggle with cancer, finally got to talk to his idol on Saturday.

The pair, who skyped for half an hour, became fast friends and the clip below is really sweet.

And just because Bryan Cranston is a true gentleman, he sent an ice-cream truck to Brad and his mum later that day.

Videos via Aimee Pettigrew