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18th Jul 2023

Viewers shocked after finding out Brad Pitt’s real age

Brad Pitt has left Wimbledon viewers stunned after his real age was revealed.

People have been left stunned by Brad Pitt’s age as he watched on from the Royal Box during the Wimbledon final on Sunday.

The legendary actor – best known for his roles in films such as Fight Club, Inglourious Basterds, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and The Big Short – was in attendance at the men’s singles final, which saw Carlos Alcaraz triumph over Novak Djokovic in an epic five-set battle.

But, despite the incredible tennis on the court, some were distracted by Pitt and couldn’t stop fawning over him every time the camera decided to pan to him.

In particular, viewers were baffled by how good he looked for his age.

The actor is 59 years old – three years older than the combined age of Alcaraz and Djokovic, who are 20 and 36 respectively – and everyone was wondering where his “fountain of youth” is.

One person wrote: “I leave you with this image. Brad Pitt at Wimbledon yesterday. This man has discovered the fountain of youth! He’s almost 60!”

A third commented: “Brad Pitt watching Djokovic vs Alcaraz at Wimbledon. Still can’t believe this man is 60.”

A fourth tweeted: “I’m a straight, happily married guy with 2 wonderful kids but dear me, Brad Pitt is the best-looking man I’ve ever seen. He’s 59 as well!”

And someone else pointed out the mind-boggling fact that Pitt is the same age as Boris Johnson.

Pitt was one of a number of celebs in attendance for the Wimbledon final. He sat next to director Guy Ritchie for the match who he worked with in the 2000 film Snatch.