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10th Jan 2023

Adele Roberts shares hospital selfie and update following surgery

“Today was the first step in hopefully getting my colon working again.”

After undergoing a procedure yesterday, BBC presenter Adele Roberts has shared a selfie and an update with fans from her hospital bed.

Adele was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2021, but was declared cancer-free last year. She is now striving towards getting her colon “working again”.

She explained the process in her Instagram caption.

Accompanying a selfie, Adele wrote: “Today was the first step in hopefully getting my colon working again (post bowel cancer surgery). I may be down a rectum but I think there’s enough left to blag it and get things moving again.”

Adele praised the NHS and commended the level of care she’s received, before writing that she is “in awe” of medical advancements.

“The fact that I can recover from bowel cancer, have a stoma, start getting my life back on track and today a balloon went up my bum to sort out my stricture is just marvellous,” she wrote. “What a time to be alive?!”

She went on to explain that she will likely have “a few more surgeries” this year, and that she is “so happy” that there is hope.

“I might be able to the toilet the ‘old fashioned way’ one day in the future. Might even get inspired by all the balloons and have a grand re-opening party.”

She then expressed gratitude towards her stoma, who she has named Audrey.

“Until then it’s me and you Audrey you little legend,” she wrote. “Thanks for keeping me happy, healthy, alive and kicking. I love and appreciate you more than you could imagine.”

You can learn more about bowel cancer on the HSE’s website right here.

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