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06th Jan 2015

Whatifi: New Irish App Promises To Reconnect You With That 3am Shift

Ladies, it's the app that you didn't know you had been waiting for.


Whatifi, the app that you didn’t know you had been waiting for…

Ever met the potential love of your life in the early hours of the morning and lose them just as you were about to exchange numbers? Or worse, have saved your potential suitors number in your phone as something obscure as ‘Tall fella from bar’, ‘Guy from Whelan’s’ or just simply ‘Lad’ (see below). Well fret not folks, because there’s an app that promises to help solve that problem.

Irishman Ken Fitzgerald has devised an app that will rescue lost love or save any embarrassment as it allows you to check online to see if any other app users were in the pubs and clubs that you visit over the course of your night out.


The app provides a timeline detailing where you were and who you may have bumped into.

Whatifi gives users full control over their privacy settings, so your information isn’t shared unless you want it to be.


This could be handy while in big cities, we’re not so sure about the more rural parts of Ireland though.

As our brothers over at JOE said: “Whatifi. When phones, emails or a pen and paper just won’t cut it . Whatifi, reconnecting you with that 3am shift since 2015”.

You can check our the Whatifi promo below:

Will you be downloading the app?