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19th Dec 2014

Tell My Story: Chats To Eoin Heverin About His New Personalised Children’s Book Company

"The business is 100% local and 100% Irish, which is something that I am very proud of. "


Eoin Heverin started up his own business, creating personalised children’s books, with the design, print and binding all done in-house.

Here, Eoin shares his experience of starting up a new venture, the support of family and the best words of advice he’s had along the way…

What was your background before setting up Tell My Storybook?

I have a printing business “Heverin Print” so this new business is a great fit with that, it allows me to design the books, print the books and bind the books all in-house. So the business is 100% local and 100% Irish, which is something that I am very proud of.

TMS Eoin

Did you expect your idea would turn into a workable business?

I’m an optimist so I have to say yes. There were times along the way when I had my doubts, however once I started receiving all the positive feedback from the books, that gave me the belief that the business would work.

When and how did the business come about?

I came up with the idea about four years ago when my niece Toni Pia received a personalised book as a present. Being a graphic designer, I foresaw that adding the child’s photograph to the personalised book would make it even more appealing to the recipient. I created a prototype personalised book with pictures of my niece in it, and I was blown away by her reaction! That was the moment that I knew that this would be a fantastic gift for any child and that I could also make a business out of the idea.

Then last July, I snapped a ligament in my ankle playing Gaelic football, so while I was laid up, I went through one of my old note books and seen my plans for “Tell my story book” so I decided to get to work on it. I put in the long hours and then in November of this year I produced and sold my first book.


What has been your biggest barrier in starting out in business?

Getting finance is difficult these days, but I have been fortunate that the local enterprise board have backed me. They really believe in “tell my story book” and they have given me some financial support that has been of a great help. So I’d advise any budding entrepreneur to pay a visit to their local enterprise board as they have a lots of advice and support to offer small businesses

Have you had many mentors? What has been their greatest advice/ words of guidance?

I’ve not had any mentors as such, But I’m very lucky that I come from a very supportive family and we are all very encouraging towards each other. My parents have also been a big influence on me. My Dad has a good business mind and he gives me good advice. However the most important thing he instilled in me was belief. As all kids, I had big dreams; being captain of Man Utd one week and then the next week deciding that I want to be a F1 driver! But whatever it was, he always had a cool attitude of; ya why couldn’t you achieve these things. I still haven’t captained Man Utd but I won a go-karting race with my mates the last week!

My Mother is also a very hard worker and I have inherited that trait of her. She is some woman, she managed to work, take care of the house and rare 7 children all at the same time. She’s the best mammy in the world!

What’s been your greatest moment since starting out in your company?

Just before I started the business and after a lot of love and labour I finally produced my first finalised product. I showed the finished book to my little niece Lauren and when I saw her reaction.


I knew then that all the hard work was worth it, up until that point I was starting to doubt things a bit. But that moment gave me the boost that I needed and to date that has been the best moment, that’s up until this interview of course!


What is your normal working day like?

I’m no good at early starts, so I do a bit of exercise to wake myself up in the morning, then it’s off to the office after my breakfast. First off, I check all the orders that have come in and then sort them out for production. Then we get to work on them.

I also have a ladies boutique (A Stór Boutique) that I co-own with my sister, so I will check in to see what needs to be done there, but luckily for me my sister Tara has the shop running like clockwork!

After that it’s back to the office to do more officey things!

What advice would you give to somebody starting off?

Don’t give up! My philosophy is “obstacles are there to be overcome”. Also spend time in setting up the foundations of your business and put in the hard work to get everything right and get everything in place.

Customer Service is of upmost importance in all businesses and good customer service is something that I am very passionate about. The final bit of advice after all the above is… “Concentrate on Sales and the rest will follow”

Where would you like to see yourself in five year’s time?

I’d hope that 5 years down the line “tell my story book” will be a well-known name and that we will have a large range of products to choose from. I love the creative side of the business and look forward to developing and expanding our range.

For more information on Tell My Story or to order a book, visit the website here, or find them on Facebook here.