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06th Feb 2018

Ryanair warns that it is prepared to strike… because of ‘laughable’ demands

This would be a serious pain!

Gillian Fitzpatrick


Late last year, Ryanair recognised unions for the first time in its history – a decision which helped avoid what would have been catastrophic Christmas-time strikes.

However, the airline’s boss Michael O’Leary has claimed that his business is subsequently getting ‘laughable’ demands from representatives in countries including Ireland, as well as in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, and Germany.

And he added that he is willing to cancel services rather than adhere to employee requests.

He confirmed: “If we have to take strikes or disruptions in those jurisdictions, then we will take those.’

Also last year, a pilot shortage meant Ryanair had to cancel around 700,000 flight bookings and some 20,000 flights.

Currently in Europe, there is a relative shortage of airline pilots – something that is being used as leverage to make a play for better pay and work conditions.

The Sun reports that Ryanair’s staff is looking for similar perks such as those enjoyed by employees at easyJet and Norwegian Air.

Analyst Mark Simpson furthermore told the same website that Mr O’Leary’s remarks were “Ryanair drawing the line in the sand.”