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05th Jul 2023

Little-known destination coined ‘Maldives of Europe’ and it’s just four hours from Ireland

Maldives of europe

You can get a pint for 90c and hotel stays for as little as €16.70

If you’ve ever dreamed about visiting the Maldives but can’t stomach the long flight or eye-watering expense you might be in luck this summer with Ksamil.

A little-known Albanian beach resort is being raved about by holidaymakers as being the place to visit in 2023.

Known as the ‘Maldives of Europe’, Ksamil boasts beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise waters and pints for just 90c.

Little-known destination called the ‘Maldives of Europe’.

You can also find hotel stays for as little as €16.70 a night where you can enjoy the Albanian Riviera for a snip before the resort becomes too popular.

The Balkan Peninsula resort has been the talk of the town among travellers looking for something a little different to the over-priced and over-hyped usual European hotspots.

One person described Ksamil as “paradise on earth”, while others have raved about the “crystal blue waters like in the Maldives”.

A beer can cost as little as 90c according to meaning drinks out won’t break the bank while you’re away, while a three-course meal for two can cost as little as €20.

Visitors can also enjoy quick trips off the mainland to the islands located nearby, the most famous of which is called ‘Ksamil Islands’.

Just like in the Maldives, visitors can swim, snorkel and explore the coastline – without the jet lag wearing you out.

TikToker The Travel Mum is among those who have had the pleasure of visiting the village, after which she described it as the ‘Maldives of Europe’.

The TikToker walked viewers through her trip to the village, which began with a flight to Corfu. From there, she and her family were able to get a ferry across to Sarande in Albania, where they rented a car and drove to Ksamil.

When it came to accommodation, she said: “We’ve booked a central two-bedroom apartment for just £190 (€222) for six nights.

“It’s a great base for enjoying the many beautiful beaches, but also exploring some great places close by. We’ve just spent £5 at the supermarket to feed five people.”

@thetravelmum If you’re looking for a budget friendly destination with white sands, clear blue sea, historic sights to explore, delicious food and cheap beer ? Ksamil in Albania might be for you ? I have just published a blog post on our website about how you can get there, some accommodation recommendations and things you can do whilst there! #ksamil #ksamilalbania #ksamilislands #ksamilbeach #budgettravel #travelideas #cheaptravel #thetravelmum #visitalbania #albaniatravel ♬ original sound – The Travel Mum | Cheap Travel