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11th Oct 2017

The top Google searches over the past 10 years might surprise you

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday...
rebecca black

A lot can happen in 10 years.

And it has.

We’ve had celebrity deaths, celebrity births, celebrities doing weird shit at award shows and, that’s actually it really.

We also had the birth of the iPhone.

Back in 2007, it showed up and changed all of our lives for the better, probably.

It started off pretty small and now it’s massive and costs a grand.

How times change.

To mark the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone, gadget insurance company Protect Your Bubble have only gone and released a nice list of the top Google searches since 2007.

Some of them are predictable.

Some of them are very surprising.

Others, you will not see coming at all.

Take for example the fact that the iPhone itself was actually the most searched thing on the net in 2007.

One can only wonder what device these people were Googling the iPhone on.

A desktop computer? Hardly.

Here’s a neat little list of the rest of our top searches over the past decade.

There’s a few good ‘uns in there to be fair.

2007: the iPhone

2008: Beijing (the Olympics were held there that year or don’t you remember?)

2009: Michael Jackson (a celebrity death)

2010: Chatroulette (creepy chatroom)

2011: Rebecca Black (don’t remember her? This photo, or the mere mention of the word ‘Friday,’ might jog your memory)

rebecca black

2012: Whitney Houston (celebrity death)

2013: Nelson Mandela (presidential death)

2014: Mutant Giant Spider Dog (we have no idea what this is)

2015: Adele (did some new songs)

2016: Donald Trump (you know…)