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24th Feb 2017

It looks like Apple iPhone 7 Plus are now exploding

Well this video is terrifying.

Laura Holland

Look away now Apple users.

A woman has shared a video of her iPhone 7 Plus after it exploded and started to emit smoke.

Brianna, the woman in question, told Mashable that she was having issues with her phone but after getting it fixed in an Apple store it began to work again. Then the next morning, when she was sleeping, her boyfriend noticed that her phone was beginning to “steam” and so he threw it into the bathroom.

She said that the phone was making a “squealing noise” and caught fire before blowing up.

The video she shared was taken directly after this when the phone continued to smoke.

She also shared a photo of the aftermath.

Apple is said to be investigating the incident and has received the phone from Brianna to conduct tests.

Worryingly, there were other reports of iPhones exploding in October of last year with GizmoChina reporting that one man sustaining injuries to his face after the glass from his iPhone shattered after it exploded.