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27th Oct 2017

The iPhoneX went on pre-sale today and the tweets are pure gold

The struggle is real...

Denise Curtin

Twitter wins time and time again.

Yes, today the iPhoneX went on sale to pre-order, Apple’s most expensive iPhone to date and regardless, there was a crazy rush to purchase it.

So much so, the Apple app actually crashed due to the volume of people hoping to nab the latest offering from the tech giant.

The tweets being dished out from various people around the world signified all the emotions we feel when dealing with Apple.

1. The Realisation

When you realise you have just spent over €1,000 on a new phone…

2. The Anger

When the Apple app crashes and you are feeling super impatient…

3. Feeling Wired

Trying to pull an all-nighter to be the first on to the website but you start to contemplate everything in life… Why is the earth round? Like really though?

4. Excitement

Ah yes, you have done it. You may be broke but you’re about to be the owner of a new iPhoneX. You win some ya loose some.