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30th Jul 2018

Google to fix ‘sit on my face’ predictive text issue for Android users

Jade Hayden

sit on my face

Google has promised to fix a predictive text issue for Android users that suggested they sext in the middle of a standard conversation.

Some users had noticed that when the typed the words ‘sit on’ in a message on their phones, the device would try to finish the sentence with ‘on my face.’

The sentence autocomplete feature is a function on many smartphones which predicts what users are likely to say next. This is usually based on their previous conversations but suggestions can also be pulled from the internet and popular searches online.

A Twitter user named ‘Doctorow’ noticed the issue when he was trying to message his baby sitter asking if they were free to work.

He said he typed the words ‘are you free to sit’ only to have ‘on my face’ appear as suggested text.

Other users then began trying to get Google to suggest face-sitting to them too.

While some users simply received the suggestion to ‘sit on the porch’ or ‘sit on down’, others were noticing the same issue when they typed the words into their Android phones.

Google told Buzzfeed News that they were working on a “fix” for the issue.

Many words related to sex are banned from Google predictive text suggestions including ‘intercourse,’ ‘coitus,’ and ‘braless.’

Other health related words like ‘uterus,’ ‘condom’, and ‘STI’ are also censored.