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14th Dec 2018

James Kavanagh showed us his art collection and there’s LOTS of nipple!

James Kavanagh and William Murray invite us into their Dublin home

We’re all about those Interior Motives.

Let’s be honest, as a nation, we’re a bit nosy! Would you be here reading this article if you didn’t want to see some nipple-heavy art work? Probably not.

The good news is, that’s exactly what we’ve got for you! Social media star and entrepreneur James Kavanagh and artist William Murray have been delighting us through 2018, from the arrival of their very own Princess Diana to writing a (now award-winning) cookbook. We can’t get enough… so naturally, we want to see EXACTLY how they live.

From flea-market finds and candelabras to full on bougie coffee machines, their house, nestled in the heart of Phibsborough in Dublin, is an interior enthusiasts dream. It’s decked out with personal touches and you can see why the pair have no intention of leaving.

Aside from the task at hand of having a good snoop, the lads were incredible hosts, offering us coffee and cooking us some divine bread straight from the pages of The Curabinny Cookbook.  After a slight mishap (which you can see at 3.46 below), we can report that it is truly a delicious bread and if you’re looking for the perfect cookbook Christmas pressie it’s a complete winner!

All in all, looking around famous stranger’s houses is just as much fun as it sounds, and if they hadn’t asked us to leave (politely yet forcefully), we would probably still be there.

Check out the first episode of our new series ‘Interior Motives’ below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more of the same in 2019.