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06th Aug 2019

QUIZ: Can you guess these favourite movies based on their starring dogs?


Brought to you by Twentieth Century Fox

You can never have too many dog movies.

Some of the best movies out there have a playful pup in the starring role. Sure it only makes sense that the movies we love the most include the animals that love us the most.

There have been numerous doggie pictures over the years that have made us laugh, cry – and beg our parents to get us our own furry friend.

But how well do you remember those movies and the dogs that starred in them?

We’ve put together a little quiz to put your canine recognition skills to the test. We have collected pictures of several movie-star dogs, and all we want you to do is tell us the film that each dog featured in. Pretty easy, right?

If this quiz has you desperate for another adorable dog story, The Art of Racing in the Rain is coming out this August 9. A heartwarming tale, it’s about a golden retriever who loves car racing (so cute!) and stars Amanda Seyfried and Milo Ventimiglia (that’s Jess from Gilmore Girls for those of you who don’t know).

We’re definitely planning a little trip to the cinema as soon as this comes out, and you should too because this movie looks adorable – although tissues may be required! Until then, though, enjoy our quiz, dog lovers.

Brought to you by Twentieth Century Fox

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