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06th Dec 2021

Vicky Phelan celebrates night out as she remembers “the Vicky before cancer”

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Vicky Phelan is not letting her illness stop her from enjoying her life as she headed to see one of her favourite bands live for the last time.

Sharing the experience, Vicky revealed that she was remembering her life before her terminal cancer diagnosis, and living in the moment as she danced the night away at the gig.

With nothing stopping her as she headed for the The Stunning concert, she promised to make the gig even if it meant that she would need to use a wheelchair for it.

Despite getting treatment earlier in the week, Vicky managed to walk herself into the concert and dance along to her favourite band.


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Sharing a snap of the band as well as pictures of herself on the beach with friends, Vicky wrote: “Two weeks ago, during my appearance on the @latelaterte I was absolutely feckin delighted to be serenaded (well maybe not serenaded) but sung to by my favourite band @thestunningband and I promised @stevethewall and @joewall30 that I would be in Lisdoonvarna on December 4 to watch them play an intimate gig at the Royal Spa Hotel even if I had to go there in a wheelchair!

“I am delighted to tell you all that I made it to the gig last night and that I did NOT need a wheelchair.

“I had treatment on Monday and so, in this game of chicken with terminal cancer, you never know how you are going to be after treatment so it makes it difficult to plan BUT making plans and having something to look forward to is SO important because it gets you out of the bed in the morning and gives your life purpose.”

Explaining that she spent the rest of the week leading up to the gig minding herself, she made it to Lisdoonvarna to listen to music that made her remember the “Vicky before cancer.”

She added: “And so, I really minded myself all week in order to be able to make it to Lisdoonvarna to listen to the lads from @thestunningband play songs that make me remember ME, the Vicky before cancer who loved nothing more than going out with her friends to listen to live music.

“Thank you for the shout out, and, thank you for introducing me to your lovely Dad. It was a pleasure, as always. I look forward to the next gig.”

Thanking everyone for making her night so special, from the band themselves to the pub she had her dinner in to each of her friends for coming along, Vicky was ecstatic to experience live music once again.