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02nd Jan 2019

Vans is suing Penneys for selling ‘fake vans’ and copying its iconic trainers

They filed a lawsuit this month.

Denise Curtin

A lawsuit in the US was filed this month.

Vans and their parent company VF Corp is suing Primark (Penneys) for copying their designs and selling look-a-like trainers since 2017, WWD reports.

According to the lawsuit, Vans believe that Primark copied the design of their “Old Skool” trainers, one of the brand’s most popular and notable products which they now see as a “trademark infringement”, “unfair competition” and “false advertising”.

Vans – €75 

JD Sports

According to reports, Vans noticed the copy of their trainers for sale in the UK and asked Primark to cease on production. Primark ceased sale in the UK, however, began selling the “Vans” in their US stores.

“The infringing products are calculated and intentional knock-offs of Vans’ footwear products and have been designed to confuse the purchasing public,” the court document reads.


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The lawsuit also notes that the public now calls the Primark runners, “fake Vans”, due to the similarities between the two pairs and Vans see it as a “blatant attempt to suggest a connection with Vans”, the document continues.

According to WWD, Primark disagrees with the allegations brought forward by Vans and are willing to defend their position.