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15th Dec 2017

What are vaginal mesh implants and why do people want to ban them?

A vaginal mesh campaigner died after contracting sepsis recently.
vaginal mesh

Today, it was reported that a UK watchdog had recommended that vaginal mesh implants be used for research purposes only.

The implants have been used to treat urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women following natural childbirth.

The mesh, which is made from polypropylene plastic, is implanted to help strengthen the vaginal wall.

However, watchdog NICE has said that there are “serious but well-recognised” risks associated with the operation.

Many women have said that they experienced intense pain after the vaginal mesh was implanted.

Annette Power told Sky News that leaving the mesh in and taking it out both carry substantial risks.

She said:

“I obviously want it out but the risks of taking it out are devastating – some of the ladies have literally been left crippled, in wheelchairs, with stomas.

“It’s literally a horrible choice that I’ve got to make.”

Women in Ireland also recently took legal action over vaginal mesh implants that left them in severe pain.

NICE’s recommendation comes after a woman who campaigned to highlight the dangers associated with vaginal mesh implants died two weeks ago.

Canadian Chrissy Brajcic passed away after being hospitalised for sepsis she had contracted due to the constant infections she suffered after the operation.

The mesh initially left her wheelchair-bound and in severe pain forcing her to eventually have it removed.

Brajcic had campaigned relentlessly to raise awareness for the issues experienced by herself and others who had the operation.