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16th Dec 2019

UCC has launched a new course on LGBT+ history in Ireland

Jade Hayden

An incredible addition.

University College Cork has introduced a course on LGBT+ history in Ireland.

‘From Shame to Pride? A Short Introduction to LGBT+ Irish History (1970s-2020)’ is a part-time course that will give students a brief insight into the LGBT+ community in Ireland over the past 50 years.

Taught by historian Dr Diarmuid Scully, the course will cover 1969’s Stonewall riots, the LGBT+ experience in 1970s and ’80s Ireland, and the murder of Declan Flynn.

It will also teach students about sexual identity in Ireland, the AIDs crisis in an Irish context, and decriminalisation.

Last year, Dr Scully became the first historian to teach a BA module on LGBT+ history at an Irish university.

This new course will allow his expertise to be taught to a new group of students in a manner that is not hidden or hostile, but insightful and educational.

“Cork held its biggest ever LGBT+ Pride festival in 2019,” reads the course description.

“Its theme was ‘Stonewall: 50 Years Proud’. This course explores the Irish LGBT+ experience from Stonewall to the present.

“It focusses on major issues and events that shaped the lives of LGBT+ people in Ireland and the Irish diaspora. The course asks: have LGBT+ people and wider Irish society moved from shame to pride in their understanding of LGBT+ identities?”

The new course is part of UCC’s Adult and Continuing Education Programme and will run for six week between January and March.

You can find out more about the course, or apply for a place, here. 

Applications will be open until Friday, January 17 2020. The fee for the course is €150.