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04th Nov 2019

“Today is not a win for us” LGBTQ+ campaigners say that parental legislation does not go far enough

Leslie Ann Horgan

New legislation granting legal recognition to same sex parents is too narrow in focus, says the Equality For Children campaign.

Today, Ireland takes an important step forward in granting legal recognition to same sex parents. The news this morning that Health Minister Simon Harris was due to sign off on the relevant parts of the Children And Family Relationships Act was was greeted warmly – however campaigners say that it does not go far enough.

In fact, according to the Equality For Children campaign, 50 percent of children would be left behind by this legislation.

“I want to be clear that today is not a win for us,” campaign founder Ranae Von Meding said in a statement.

“The signing of this commencement order has already been delayed seven times over the last five years. And only a fraction of LGBT+ families and their children will be covered by it. My family along with many others will continue to be left behind.”

The Children And Family Relationships Act will allow children of LGBTQ+ families to have a legal relationship with both parents in cases where both parents are women who conceive using a traceable donor at an Irish clinic.

Children born to two male parents or transgender parents, born using surrogacy or using an international clinic are among those who would not be covered by the legislation, Equality For Children says.

“It is not as has been reported today – as ‘equality for same sex families’,” Ranae continued.

“It is some equality for some LGBT+ families but only if you meet the criteria. And many of us unfortunately do not. We will continue to campaign and lobby until a real solution to provide equality to all our children is realised.”

Equality For Children campaigners will meet with the Minister to see the legislation signed this afternoon. Before that happens, the group plans a demonstration outside the Department of Health by LGBTQ+ parents and supporters “who feel they are still being failed by the Irish Government”.