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26th Sep 2023

Superdrug to stop selling single-use vapes in Irish and UK stores

Superdrug has announced that it will ban the sale of single-use vapes in all its Irish and UK stores.

Concerns around improper disposal and usage in children are at the root of the decision made by bosses, as they label the rate of vape use as ‘worrying and alarming’.

This will see vaping brands such as Flavaah Bars and Vuse Go no longer available for purchase at Superdrug, and they anticipate stock being cleared by year-end.

The retailer sells on average 1,300 units per week in store but does not sell online.

Speaking about the move, Lucy Morton-Channon, Head of Environment, Social, and Governance at Superdrug, says environment factors into their decision to ban the sale of these products in their stores:

“The lasting effects that single-use vapes are having on the environment need to be addressed, and I am pleased that we’ve decided to remove them from all stores.”

Improper disposal not only poses a risk to the environment but is also a fire risk.

The government is also in talks about banning the use of single-use vapes as concern grows over the age of the consumers they are being purchased by.

Government officials plan to publish a response to its call for evidence that they are being targeted at children, which closed in June.

Single-use vapes are sold in bright colours and come in sweet and fruity flavours like pink lemonade, cotton candy, gummy bear, blueberry, and so on.

The retailer’s healthcare director, Ghada Beal, says: “We need to be responsible about the growing trend in disposable vapes among young people and the lasting effect on the environment.

“We have a wide range of products at Superdrug to help those wanting to quit smoking, so head into a Superdrug store to learn about your different options or speak to one of our friendly pharmacy team members who would be happy to advise on the best option for you.”