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23rd Sep 2017

Student stuck in cave for three days survived by licking the walls

Lukas Cavar was locked in the cave for 60 hours.

Jade Hayden


A student who was accidentally locked in a cave for three days survived by licking water drops off the walls.

Lukas Cavar was on a group exploring trip in the Sullivan Cave in Indiana when he was forgotten about, left behind, and accidentally locked in the cave.

He spent three days there licking the walls for sustenance to survive.

Speaking to local paper Indiana Daily Student, Cavar said that he was “pretty scared.”

“It took me a little while to wrangle my emotions and sort of approach things analytically, sensibly, to come up with a game plan to survive.”

Cavar had become separated from his group in the cave last weekend.

When he eventually figured out how to get out of the cave, the gate had been locked, leaving him trapped.

He was there for 60 hours, calling for help, and trying to find a way out of the cave. After some time, he said his phone died.

It had had no reception anyway.


The physics student said that he considered eating crickets and drinking his urine to survive.

He eventually settled on licking water droplets from the wall instead.

When the caving group eventually returned on Tuesday night to let him out, Cavar said that he ate a Big Mac, pasta, and a load of water.

“The guy who locked me in the cave, who actually physically turned the lock, was the same guy who unlocked the cave and got me out, three days and three nights later.”

“I’m really glad to be alive. It feels like I’ve been given a second chance,” he said.

Images via Facebook.