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21st Mar 2022

Sabita Thanwani: Tributes paid to 19-year-old student murdered in London

Her family have described her as their “angel”.

Tributes have been pouring in for Sabita Thanwani, a 19-year-old student who was murdered in London.

As Sky News reports, Sabita’s was found with  serious injuries at her student flat in Arbour House, on Sebastian Street in London on Saturday morning.

Emergency services attended the scene but she was pronounced dead shortly after.

Police arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with Ms Thanwani’s assault and murder. He remains in police custody.

Since news of Sabita’s death broke, many friends and family have been sharing tributes to her.

Her family issued an official statement which described her as their “angel”.

It read: “Sabita Thanwani was our daughter. Our angel. Her life, that we hoped would be long, was cut tragically short.

“She was ripped away from those who loved her so very dearly; her mum, dad, brother, grandparents, extended family and friends.

“Sabita was the most caring and loving person we have ever known. She inspired us every day of her precious 19 years of life. Her mission was to help everyone. She was studying psychology at City University to make this happen. Her whole life was ahead of her, a life where her radiant smile and incredible heart could only spread warmth and kindness.

“In her short life, she helped so many. Sabita was pure and did not see bad in anyone, because there was no badness in her own awesome heart. We will never ever stop loving or missing our beautiful, irreplaceable Sabita. The girl that was an angel upon the earth is now an angel in heaven.”

The statement added: “We can only pray that lessons will be learnt and that somehow, there will come a day when girls and women are safe.”

Over on Twitter, many members of the public shared tributes to Sabita and offered their condolences to her family.

Helena Wadia, who is the host of the Media Storm Podcast, wrote: “Cannot stop thinking about #SabitaThanwani today. Another woman’s life lost.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Say her name, Sabita Thanwani #sabitathanwani, my heart is with her family during this heart breaking time.”