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20th Jul 2021

RTÉ presenter Ray Kennedy son’s nose broken and bike stolen in attack

Kat O'Connor

“5 thugs outnumbered him, punched him, broke his nose.”

RTÉ news presenter Ray Kennedy’s son was attacked by a gang on Friday night.

His son Ciaran, who is only 19, was targeted by a group of five who punched him and broke his nose.

Confirming the brutal attack, Kennedy said: “I confirm my son was attacked on Fri night, he was cycling home after work.

“He’s strong – knows self-defence. 5 thugs outnumbered him, punched him, broke his nose – black eyes and cuts.”

It is understood that a group of people noticed the attack and rushed to the teenager’s defence.

“I can’t thank those who came to his aid enough. Without them, who knows? He’s on the mend now,” Kennedy added.

It is believed the group tried to steal his bike when he was coming home from work at Dublin Airport.

Ciaran was taken to Beaumont Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

“He has to get an operation now to straighten his nose. But I know it could have been a lot worse,” the news anchor told The Star.

He added that his son will no longer be cycling home from work.

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