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26th Jun 2019

This RTÉ presenter got interrupted by a cheeky youngster on last night’s news


Denise Curtin


If you happened to tune into the news at 9pm on RTÉ One last night – I’m sure you’re familiar with the next clip.

If not, and you were understandably watching Love Island, let me fill you in.

News correspondent, Ingrid Miley, was front and centre, reporting on the serious topic of nurse strikes at Tallaght hospital when her broadcast got rudely interrupted.

From behind Ingrid appears a young teenager who grabs his moment of fame by roaring a curse word into the camera and disappearing again in a split second before he’s caught.


The blooper was picked up by many on Twitter, with everyone taking to the platform to ask others if they too saw what just happened.

Ingrid, however, like a pro didn’t even flinch and finished her report without distraction.

It’s not easy but she handled the situation with ease.