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26th Feb 2022

RSPCA rescue tiny Cockapoo puppy dumped in rucksack in woods

“It is never acceptable to abandon an animal in this way, particularly one who is sick and vulnerable.”

The Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are investigating the case of a tiny Cockapoo puppy that was found abandoned in a rucksack in Finchampstead Woods in Berkshire, England.

The animal welfare charity took the dog – who has since been named Watson – into their care after witnesses made the initial discovery. Passersby claimed that they saw a man dump the rucksack in the woods and then run off.

Upon discovery, the puppy was unable to use his back legs. Thankfully, after veterinary intervention, he appears to be doing much better.

Commenting on the case, RSPCA inspector Andy Eddy said: “The puppy is only approximately eight or nine weeks old and initially seemed very poorly when he was first taken in by the vets.

“Witnesses had been walking through the woods when they saw a man dump the bag – a black Reebok rucksack – before running off. When they looked inside the rucksack they discovered the little curly-haired pup in a paper bag.

“Vets initially had concerns as the puppy didn’t appear to be able to use his rear legs and they suspected a neurological problem. However, they’ve run numerous tests and have been unable to come to a conclusion as to what is making him unsteady on his back legs.”

Inspector Eddy then gave a much-needed update on the cockapoo’s condition.

He said: “He’s become stronger and is improving every day. He’s now bright and bouncy, and his mobility is much better. He can be weak on his rear end and has some strange episodes where he appears to go a little vacant, so this will be monitored.”

The inspector said that he suspects the puppy may have been abandoned due to his health. He then acknowledged that he understands caring for a pet can be financially difficult, but he reminded the public that it is “never acceptable to abandon an animal in this way, particularly one who is sick and vulnerable”.

Once Watson is well enough to leave the vet, he will be taken in for fostering by a RSPCA employee.