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28th Sep 2018

Reality TV star slammed for posting naked photo alongside one of her baby

Melissa Carton

Former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes has come under fire for a post that some people found inappropriate.

The 30-year-old mother posted a photograph on social media of herself naked alongside a naked shot of her baby son.

Hayes captioned the photo with;

“Passing down knowledge from generation to generation. Taught this lad everything he knows.”

While some fans of the tv personality found it cute others didn’t see the funny side with some commenters writing;

 “Seriously? So inappropriate”

“Why would you post this? So wrong”

Her ex-boyfriend and father of her eldest son jumped to her defence and said;

“It’s funny and harmless. Some people need to get a life @chanellejhayes don’t they and stop writing such rubbish!”

To which she replied;

“I know right?! To be fair most people appreciate our hilarious banter just a couple of boring Betty’s.”

The former reality TV star is now a blogger and makeup artist as well as a mum to her two sons Blakely & Frankie.

What do you think about Chanelle’s post? Harmless fun or way too inappropriate for social media?