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11th Apr 2017

A popular fashion brand has been using REAL animal fur and labelling it as fake

Katie Mythen-Lynch

This is very disturbing indeed.

Real animal fur has been found in items labelled ‘faux fur’ sold in popular high street and online stores.

We’ve come to rely on fake or ‘faux’ fur, a material made of synthetic fibers, as a kinder alternative to wearing animal skins, but tests carried out by the animal charity Humane Society International/UK (HSI) suggest that animal lovers may unwittingly be filling their wardrobe with pieces made using real fur.

According to a Sky News investigation, fur consistent with four types of animal (rabbit, raccoon dog, mink and cat) is being marketed as fake fur at high street stores.

While fur farms have been banned in Britain since 2003, they are still legal in other countries. It is believed that fur farmed in Asia is now being mislabelled as synthetic material so it can be used in fashion.

The investigation uncovered a pair of heels with cat fur pompoms for sale at Missguided and a pair of rabbit fur-trimmed gloved House of Fraser, both of which have fur-free policies.

Both items have since been removed from sale and refunds have been offered. It is understood that internal investigations are underway at both companies.

Speaking about the growing issue of real animal fur being used in place of fake, Claire Bass, executive director of Humane Society International told Sky News:

“This is a problem in two ways. Firstly it’s a problem for the animals who are suffering awful, deprived lives and excruciating deaths on fur farms and traps around the world to produce these products.

“And secondly, it’s a problem for consumers, who are not being protected from unfair trading, who want to shop ethically and avoid the fur trade.”