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01st Apr 2021

Policeman resigns over video of him choking police dog

Warning, not for the faint-hearted.

A police officer in North Carolina, US, has resigned after footage of him choking a police dog was leaked. The footage has been made available through a number of outlets and on social media. You can watch the video below but be advised, *it is shocking and does depict images of animal cruelty*:

As can be seen and heard, the officer attaches a leash to the K-9, Zuul, and uses it to hoist the poor pup off the ground, swinging him around and carrying it over his shoulder. He then jokes “no witnesses” to the recording officer, before slamming the dog against the car and hitting it on the head. Sickening.

Unsurprisingly, the officer is believed to have been under an internal investigation by his employers, Salisbury Police Department, which deemed that he should be fired. However, the cowardly cop chose to quit before a full hearing and termination could even be carried out.

Nevertheless, it is clear that he carried out “inappropriate discipline on the dog” and the Salisbury PD has stated that they will review their K-9 training operations, policies and procedures with clear changes needed.

Regardless, people are incensed with the footage, with PETA protests outside the main precinct this past Friday. The organisation issued a letter to have the officer criminally prosecuted, as choking a police dog is clear animal abuse.

Salisbury’s Mayor, Karen Alexander, has said the police’s internal investigation is ongoing and most importantly, Zuul is okay and being handled by a different police officer. Never hurt a good boy.