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20th Jun 2019

10 people in Pennsylvania shot, marking America’s 174th mass shooting of 2019

Rebecca O'Keeffe


The incident happened last night.

Ten people have been shot in a mass shooting outside a nightclub in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The incident occurred just before 2am, outside Deja Vu nightclub.

Most of those involved in the attack had just left the club, and were standing outside.

The District Attorney, Jim Martin, and the Allentown Police Chief, Tony Alsleben, said in a statement.

“It appears that at least one individual was a target.”

“Although not confirmed, in our opinion based upon investigative information … it is more likely than not that the outcome of the investigation will reveal a connection to gang violence.”

Tashana Santiago lives near the nightclub, and described what happened to The Allentown Morning Call:

“When everything went silent all you could hear is the screaming and panicking. All I could think was someone is dying.”

All of those injured in the attack are being treated in hospital and are expected to make full recoveries.

This incident marks the 174th mass shooting of 2019 in America, according to Wikipedia.

The site has documented every mass shooting so far this year, which included 28 in January, 22 in February, 21 in March, 34 in April and 43 in May.

So far in June, there have been 26 mass shootings in the United States.