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10th Jul 2018

Completely compostable, paper free coffee cups now exists in Ireland

Paper-free, completely compostable coffee cups now exist in Ireland.

The new, sustainable cup was launched this morning and is the country’s only closed loop system, with the cups and lids being collected for composting after use and converted to biogas and biofertiliser.

The paper-free cups will be used in Happy Pear restaurants in order to tackle Ireland’s plastic and paper waste problem.

Both the cups and their lids will be collected after use and placed into collection bins across the cafes.

The cups were launched by Zeus and unveiled this morning by the Happy Pear’s Stephen and David Flynn.

After doing some high jumps above the sustainable cups, the twins said that they were delighted to introduce the product into their cafes.

They said:

“We have always wanted to make the world a better place.”

“In an ideal world, we’d prefer not to provide single-use cups but we appreciate that’s not really practical for our customers, so we are absolutely delighted to be among the first to use the paper-free Treefree Cups.”

This comes after Starbucks announced that they would be eliminating plastic straws from their cafes by 2020.

The cafe chain has created a ‘sippy cup’ style lid to feature on all their cold brews and lemonades following constant calls to remove single use straws from their 28,000 stores.