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23rd Mar 2017

The owner of a Christmas Millionaire raffle ticket has just SEVEN DAYS to claim €1m

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Just thinking about this gives us palpitations.

The owner of the winning Christmas Millionaire raffle ticket sold in Cork has yet to come forward, with just seven days remaining for the lucky winner to claim the money before Friday, March 31.

Lotto officials have now landed in the Rebel County, where the €20 ticket was purchased at the Topaz garage on Lower Tivoli Road.

The garage sold the lucky ticket (number 179740) on December 21.

Winners have 90 days to claim their life-changing prize, otherwise the ticket is declared null and void. That will happen when the clock strikes 6pm, one week from tomorrow.


Anyone who purchased a €20 Christmas Millionaire ticket at Topaz is strongly urged to check their ticket immediately.